Asian women no longer see marriage as their long- term plan



1. Getting married:最常用到的說法。
2. Hitched:常看到的口語。
3. Tie the knot:字面上是打個結,有永結同心的用意,可用這個詞來代表結婚。
4. Walk down the aisle:走紅毯。西方國家通常是父親牽著女兒走向紅毯的另一端,再把手交給新郎,所以它也可以直接當作結婚用。
5. Take the plunge:說明要大膽嘗試某件事,在這裡也可當作結婚,因為婚姻是人生中的大事,需要很大的勇氣,大膽放手一搏!

According to a recent article in the Economist marriage rates are dropping in various Asian countries, especially Japan, Taiwan, South Korea, and Hong Kong. It indicates that marriage rates are falling partly because people are postponing getting hitched. Although marriage ages have risen all over the world, but the increase is particularly marked in Asia.


According to CNN International, the proportion of unmarried 30-somethings in Japan, Taiwan, Singapore and Hong Kong has swollen 20 percent or more in just 30 years.


In the past few decades, average marriage age has reached 29-30 for women and 31-33 for men.


In Taiwan, an astonishing 37 percent of all women aged 30 to 34 were single in 2010. Around 20 percent of Taiwanese females aged 35 to 39 are single.


From the cover story of the Economist talking about the decline of Asian marriage, “it attributes the delay by East Asian women in getting married, or not getting married at all, to two main causes. One is that more and more are going on to third level education and that on its own will mean delaying marriage.”


Another reason may be that females are expected to be the main caretaker for families. They not only have to look after their children, but also their parents and in-laws. As we can see around us, especially in Taipei, women are also expected to work and be the supermoms at the same time.


Furthermore, people in their twenties and early thirties are now regarded as the time to maximize personal freedom which means putting off the commitments and responsibilities.


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